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Top Intern Programs

Recognising Australia's Best Intern Programs


One of the AAGE’s key objectives is to promote excellence in our industry. We want to be an advocate for our members and the best practice they demonstrate in the fields of graduate recruitment and development. One of the ways the AAGE recognises excellence is via our annual listing of the Top Intern Programs.


The aim of the AAGE’s Top Intern Programs list is to recognise organisations that provide the most positive experience for their interns, as determined by interns themselves. The Top Intern Programs website provides a way to meet the AAGE’s three core offerings:

Excellence: provide recognition of the employers that provide the best graduate training and development programs.
Relationships: provide an avenue for the top employers to promote themselves to candidates.
Knowledge: provide a mechanism for employers to benchmark themselves against the best in the market.


The Top Intern Programs list is created from the results of the AAGE's annual Intern Survey. The survey participants are all current undergraduates who were part of their employer's intern program. Therefore, respondents have first hand knowledge of the employer's intern program. This survey, in line with other AAGE research studies, was carried out anonymously.

This unique approach means that the Top Intern Programs list is determined by feedback from interns who actually worked at these organisations.


Interns were asked to rate their employer on around 15 different categories including :

  • Induction and training
  • Content of work
  • Ability to work on different projects or in different areas of the organisation
  • Quality of supervision provided by manager
  • Amount of responsibility
  • Access to senior management
  • Feedback on performance>
  • Social life
  • Organisation's culture and values

All the individual responses from interns at a particular employer are combined and used to determine an overall average rating for that organisation (subject to a minimum number of responses). This same process is followed for each separate employer to produce an overall average rating for each organisation based on the responses of its own interns. By calculating the overall average rating any bias created by the volume of responses is removed. All of these overall average ratings are then compared and ranked to produce a list of the Top Intern Programs which are shown on this website:

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