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Australian Association of Graduate Employers

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About HireVue

At HireVue, we exist to connect talent to opportunity and unlock the potential in every candidate — because everyone has potential. Our deep expertise in science, AI and data, helps companies understand candidates’ unique skills and potential to match them to jobs where they can excel today, while also suggesting their path to the future.

Have you ever thought that your latest graduate hire could be the company’s future CEO? Your graduate talent is a pool of potential just waiting to be unlocked.Graduate hiring faces a unique set of challenges including entry-level jobs that require multiple years of experience and notorious communication gaps. HireVue Human Potential Intelligence offers the solutions you need to start assessing skills and unlock candidate potential. 

Serving over 1,150 pioneering customers around the globe including over 60% of the Fortune 100, HireVue has hosted more than 70 million video interviews and 200 million chat-based candidate engagements.

HireVue is a 2024 AAGE Industry Partner.


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