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2022 AAGE Employer Survey Purchase

  • 31 Dec 2022
  • Soft copy only - PDF sent via email,



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The 2022 Employer Survey is based on research conducted by the AAGE with 107 different organisations taking part in 2021.

The AAGE Employer Survey provides the latest information on:

- Vacancy levels and application numbers for graduate roles commencing in 2022
- Salary levels for new graduates starting work in 2022
- Selection processes used by recruiters in 2021
- Spend on marketing, selection and development activities in 2021
- Graduate program management and retention
- Industry challenges.

    Released each year, this study was the first of its kind to be made commercially available. Outlining some important and interesting trends in our growing industry, the survey captures responses from various industry organisations, providing ways for members to benchmark themselves against their competitors and help them to plan for upcoming graduate recruitment campaigns. Members have access to a discounted price and members who participate receive a complimentary soft copy of the report.

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    Please contact surveys@aage.com.au with any queries.

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